We partner with seasoned founders of cutting edge fast growth companies needing to raise more capital as they are ready to ignite. Our mission is to add an expertise for developing key American businesses in innovative 1 B+ markets, post-seed and evolved startups poised to succeed beyond expectations!


    We have developed a unique go to market collaboration model. We help set it up with preparation and the proper funding ASK. Let us help you get there. We take on your company as long term advisors and partners. We are very selective in the types of investors, founders, team, products and high growth verticals we do research to work with. Share your vision with our team.

  • Projects

    Q - 3 / 2020



    A SaaS platform that integrates with Electronic Medical Records Systems (Ex: EPIC, Cerner, Allscripts, etc.) and transforms them into secure Blockchain eco-systems.


    Cannabis card/ technolgy platform, pre- banking, marketing and merchant processing services with US Canada and international distribution networks


    VR + Omnidirectional treadmill connected for a unique running /walking experience for gamers, physical fitness workouts, 3-D military drills & more





    Bio- Organic soil-technology, patented scaling process for microbes in desert to tropical climate

    Growth enhancing / water conserving / immunizing



    RE Development Fund

    (In Formation) for Q-2 2020


    Off Market Assets purchases; a new dimension in Fix & Flips, Rehabs and Fire zone residential builds




    A "best of 2018" brick and mortar LA Cannabis

    dispensary / distributorship looking to expand;

    Reverse merger / with several established brands

    and high verifiable Ebidta. Seeking equity and debt.



    Short burst video content, animation

    comedy / drama / reality promoting upcoming underrepresented artists

    to be placed with digital media / phones



    Customized luxury tiny space houses with a post modern design- wood, steel and reflective glass units are connectable for expansion of square footage and adaptable shapes/sizes.Made in USA

    2020 coming Q -4


    Clean Power

    Health / lifestyle

    Re Development




    Executive Summaries available

    for accredited investors only:


  • Client / OMNIPAD

    (dont you want to have one ?!)

    The OmniPad™ is the first patented omnidirectional treadmill that uses a circular revolving tread, just like a conventional treadmill, except you can safely walk, run or jog at high speed 360 degrees in ANY direction. Wearing virtual reality (VR) display glasses you can maneuver through a variety of 3D virtual environments and terrains, with vertical applications ranging from military/first responder training and sports play scenarios, physical fitness / rehabilitative programs and video games.

    Steel Wolf Ventures working with OMNIPAD

     Victoria / Steel Wolf Ventures with Doug McCloskey on PARADYME TV

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    SteelWolf - a boutique company that finds, markets, researches and invests in new cutting-edge business 


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    MARCH 2020

    The Case for Private Markets

    excerpts - by Jason Frishman


    Recent stock market declines in response to the uncertainty arising from the spread of the novel Covid-19 Coronavirus have caused many investors to reassess their portfolios. Stocks have been sold at the fastest rate since the financial crisis of 2007-2008. Investors seeking the relative safety of U.S. Treasury bonds have bid their prices up, driving down yields to historic lows.


    In such uncertain times, where risks abound in any investment opportunity, investors should consider allocating capital to invest in the private markets. If you are taking risk investing in public or private equities, you should consider taking the risk which comes with the possibility of an outsized return. Those wild price gyrations of the public markets -- down several points one day, back up another, only to plummet again the next -- really unnerve most investors. And when the declines get as bad as they have recently, many investors throw in the towel and sell, fearful that more pain is ahead.


    Publicly traded stocks face a double whammy when a market disruption occurs, such as the Covid-19 outbreak. As forecasters begin to talk about a looming recession, investors anticipate declining earnings, and are no longer willing to pay a lofty multiple for those earnings. When multiples contract, a stock whose earnings decline by X may see its price decline by 2X, or 3X, or even more.


    Not so in the private markets. Entrepreneurs looking to raise capital for their private businesses offer investors shares in a portion of the company that reflect its value at that time. Investors are attracted by the opportunity to get in early and hold shares in the hope of a future reward -if the company goes public or gets bought out at a premium. Shares are not traded publicly so they are not subject to the volatility that comes from waves of investor panic and pessimism when broad market conditions deteriorate. It’s the ultimate buy and hold strategy, which many veteran investors say is the best way to build wealth over the long term.


    The mainstream media and Wall Street analysts would have investors believe that public stocks are far safer than private stocks. But recessions like Covid-19 and scandals like Enron continue to prove the truth: there is risk everywhere. Some investors choose an asset which offers outsized returns like private market stocks, where one’s money can make a difference in the company being invested in, and create real value in the world.


    For many years, opportunities to invest in private companies were restricted to accredited (high net worth) investors and largely controlled by venture capitalists and private equity firms. But this all changed with a new regulation under Section 4(a)(6) (Reg CF) of the JOBS Act, which allows investors of any means to invest in private companies. Under this regulation, private companies offer their securities in various formats - events, online, or pitch panels - which enables these investors to participate


    Owning securities that are not publicly traded comes with a small cost – a lack of liquidity. This can be a dual-edged sword. Investors like to know they can have access to their funds, but they can also have a tendency to sell stock at inopportune times during market panics. Nonetheless, personal circumstances can change over time and make illiquidity a problem for an investor. While early stage private companies may be immune from the risk associated with trading volatility, they are a riskier proposition than larger, more established companies. Not all startups will succeed. So as one dives into the world of private investing, it makes sense to keep some basic principles in mind.


    Number one: diversify. Investing in multiple offerings decreases your specific risk in any one investment.


    Number two: assess your tolerance for risk. Don’t allocate more to higher risk investments than you can afford to lose.


    Number three: think long term. Investing in early stage companies creates the opportunity to participate in significant growth, but investors should expect it may take several years or more for such an investment to pay off.

    Keeping those principles in mind, there is no reason an investor should not consider private market investing as part of a broadly diversified portfolio.



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    Media Release / Press



    Seasoned Investor Group Niche Building

    Beverly Hills, CA, July 22, 2019 - Newly formed Steel Wolf Ventures (SWV) has announced a hybrid business investment and equity funding model for cutting edge entities beyond family and friends financing in capitalization needs but yet not large enough for traditional institutional funding.


    Recognizing a void in fundraising options for emerging companies, SWV partners strategically researches innovative ventures in potential $1B+ plus markets, poised to thrive with the right investment or financing Their choice is to foster and raise impact investments in five sectors - bio, tech, health & medical (including CBD/cannabis), clean energy and RE/development.


    Partner and Founder, R. Victoria Jodis, a California entrepreneur, has significant inside experience with business and media. Jodis said, “the partners found worthy companies that consistently fell into a ‘financial black hole.’ Investment Bankers are beyond their reach and small/ineffective crowdfunding sites either can’t deliver enough money or are not fast enough.”


    “Emerging and startup companies needing $1 to $5 million and up to $50 million in capital are quite different than established corporations with EBITDA seeking capital, development or M&A financing. They can’t grow their businesses without private equity and other investment opportunities” Jodis continued. “Entrepreneurs have varying degrees of business savvy. To be without a clear development timetable, market strategy, product integrity, a detailed budget and plan to profitability or a potential exit strategy is business suicide. Over all though, they all have the very same single issue – money,” Jodis concluded.


    Fellow affiliates and partners say “Steel Wolf provides an effective and efficient way for small emerging firms to compete for capital needed to make their companies viable entities.”

    As a team - we can help scale- and are stronger.


    Steel Wolf’s hybrid business model discards Investment Bank/Wall Street structure. Modest upfront fees include expenses, team evaluation and strategic development. SWV takes some ownership, provides engagement with the client-founder as new board members and partners while marketing and developing accredited investor streams or other private equity sources, and potential new channels so the founder fully focuses on product, markets and revenue.


    SWV raises for Q3 2019 include these companies with double digit, high growth and sustainable $1B+ market potential:

    • SymSoil ®, $5M initial raise - going to $45M+ Organic/bio-fertilizer/microbe soils technology with water conservation properties increases yields 15 to 35%; Projected revenues $2B+


    • OmniPad, $5M initial raise - going to Series A $40M VR tech merged with patented omnidirectional treadmill equipment and high-speed running platform. Final development funds prior to manufacture. Several verticals including sports, gaming, medical rehab/physical therapy and military/first responder applications. Projected revenues $1B+


    Accredited Investors and Entrepreneurs Contact :
    323 825 9785 / Beverly Hills

    949 836 3738 / Newport Beach




    For more Information: Victoria@SteelWolfVentures.com


    F O N / April



    For investors who want to act rather than stand still, execution of acquisitions and sales has been hampered by market volatility and illiquidity. Many deals have been extended or canceled altogether due to the inability to wrap up previously approved financing. The banks are overwhelmed, making traditional financing hard to execute despite low-interest rates.

    During this virus crisis, some businesses may need an investor lifeline while a small percentage- are doing very well right now and growing faster than they can keep up with. In either case, an investor connection is a must-have tool to accelerate outreach. Here are many of the opportunities Family Office Investors are currently seeking:

    1. Distressed Opportunities: Assets & companies which had good profits and revenue before the virus crisis but now need a cash infusion or investment to make it through this period.
    2. Growth Opportunities: Healthcare, medical supply, medical equipment, decontamination services, supply chain services, or subscription/recurring revenue services related to these areas.
    3. Subscription Offerings: Recurring revenue and subscription service companies that have not been damaged by the virus.